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Silver cuckoo marans hatching eggs

$45.00 per dozen





Ameraucanas are similar to Araucana chickens because both have pea combs and lay blue shelled eggs, but they have many differences and are completely different breeds. Ameraucana traits include full tails, muffs, beards, and slate or black legs depending on the variety. Bantam cocks weigh 30 ounces and bantam hens weigh 26 ounces while large fowl cocks weigh 6½ pounds and large fowl hens weigh 5½ pounds.

 Confusion with Easter Egger chicken

The Ameraucana Breeders Club defines an Easter Egg chicken, or Easter Egger, as any chicken that possesses the blue egg gene, but doesn’t fully meet any breed description as defined in the APA standards. Further, even if a bird (that possesses the blue egg gene) meets an APA standard breed description, but doesn’t meet a variety description or breed true at least 50% of the time it is considered an Easter Egg chicken.

The American Poultry Association's American Standard of Perfection contains breed and variety descriptions of all recognized standard breed poultry in North America. This means if your bird does not meet a color requirement, it is in Easter Egger. However, it is highly unlikely to see an Easter Egger which meets all APA standards yet doesn't have the correct color. They are almost always mutt birds, or those descended from the Quechua.

While many hatcheries claim to sell "Ameraucanas", "Americanas", or "Araucanas", nearly none of them do. Most sell mutt Easter Eggers.




Wheaten Marans are a color variation of French Marans, their feathers are a pretty light"wheaten" color, however their legs are still lightly feathered and they produce a stunning dark chocolate brown colored egg, Far darker than my black copper marans the pervious years!

These birds are friendly and active, roosters are very calm and can  co-habitate nicely with eachother. They are inquisitive and a beautiful addition to any flock. Our flock now contains ONLY pure Cree Farms birds.




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Wheaten & blue wheaten marans 

day old chicks

$12.00 each (unsexed)

$65/dozen hatching eggs

Welcome to TripleJfarms! 

My name is Janet,  I am a stay at home mom with a supportive husband and a beautiful daughter ! We live on a 80 acre farm that resides one hour south of Edmonton, Alberta Canada . We raise & breed rare heritage poultry  as a hobby in our effort to preserve these beautiful  breeds for future generations!  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my birds!


2018 i will have the following chicks & eggs for sale. 

Wheaten & blue wheaten Marans

"french variety", 

blue & black Ameraucana's

White Sebastopol geese


I will start  Hatching chicks and selling hatching eggs January 1/2018 Contact me to see whats available! Please remember i am not a hatchery i am a hobby breeder so quantaties are limited but quality is excellent! 




chicks are for farm pick up or shipment via 

westjet/ aircanada or ACE courier (http://www.acecourier.bc.ca/)   to closer areas at buyers expenses . minimum order of 25 chicks, add $20.00 for wood shipping crate. I have shipped as far as St. Johns NFLD, had great shipping results! Babies will be shipped with food, grow gel(electrolyte) and apple slices , and a heat pack if needed.  Flights are generally around $120 canada wide. It is a better option to share orders with friends to save money!


: PLEASE NOTE :  ALL chicks unsexed unless noted, as a rule of thumb they hatch 1/2 girls, 1/2 boys .please NOTE i rarely have pullets for sale BUT End of season i sell off some of my breeding stock contact me in june if you wish to buy some of my already laying breeding stock. 


Black & Blue  Ameraucana's


Welcome to Triple J farms!

Black & Blue Ameraucanas

day old chicks

$10.00 each


$50/ dozen hatching eggs


Hatching eggs

( i will sell hatching eggs of each of my breeds when they come available. i ship canada wide with canada post or greyhound at buyers expense) 

Hatching eggs are available for shipping only. Local customers – we have chicks for you!

Hatching egg orders are done by the week - we collect eggs Monday-Sunday morning and ship out on Monday to ensure freshness. You will receive what we collect for that week. There are no guarantees you will get the amount of hatching eggs you have requested, but we will do our best and always add in extra’s if we have them.


We ensure that our breeding pens are regularly checked for fertility before selling hatching eggs, however; due to circumstances beyond our control we do not guarantee your hatch in any way. 

Hatching eggs prices include packing material ,

 shipping with expresspost or greyhound is not included with price.


email us to see what we have available!


Wheaten Marans


sorry SOLD OUT FOR 2017 check back in 2018!

White sebastopol geese

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